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Are You Preparing Yourself For AI?

“Accounting is easy nowadays.  The software does it all for you.”  This is a dangerous misconception I hear from many business owners.  Make no mistake, the bookkeeper does the work, not the software.

But, in a few years, artificial intelligence will be doing accounting as well as a lot of other jobs.  We can’t ignore it or wish it away.  All we can do is prepare ourselves for its arrival and if we don’t, we better not think there will be a quick fix when the time comes because it will be too late.

Let’s be honest. We like things that promise quick transformations.  Trainers, coaches, quick-loss diets, vitamins, facials, Spanx and apps that unstick us when we’re stuck.  But with AI coming, we better not wait until it gets here to transform ourselves.  We must prepare ourselves now.

It would be a good idea then to read a couple books every year about the future, view talks and attend conferences to understand how AI will affect you. If you’re going to have to reinvent yourself or your business, start now.  Because there won’t be any magic herbs to do it for you quickly then.

This is Robert Band, your business finance expert.  Remember, one tip could be worth millions and profits today become fortunes tomorrow.

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