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3 Keys To Unlocking Hidden Cash Flow

Updated: Apr 10, 2023

Hi Friends. Robert Band, your CFO advisor here. You know the feeling when you find a $20 bill in your pant pocket or purse? Regardless of the amount, it’s a great feeling to find money.

You do know there’s cash to be found in your existing business, right? A lot of it. You just need to know how to unlock it.

Cash flow is way more than just your P&L. It’s the result of literally everything that happens in your business, including transactions, people, processes, financing and more.

For example, weak receivable collections delays receipts and locks up cash. Aging and excess inventory becomes obsolete and ties up cash. There’s numerous ways to unlock hidden cash.

Now, ask yourself, “Do I have the people, processes, training and supervision in all of areas of my business to boost cash flow in my business?”

After years as a CPA and then CFO, I developed a system guaranteed to maximize cash flow. I’m going to show you how boost yours quickly.

I want to show you 3 of the many things you can do to unlock hidden cash in your business.

This is Robert Band, your CFO consultant and business finance expert. Picture your company operating smoothly with the right people, well-designed processes, and great financial management in place. Imagine how nice your life would be. Well, I’m here to help you if you’re ready.

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