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How To Get A Bank Loan – Financial Consultant Interviews Banking Icon

What is the biggest mistake companies make in their finances from a lender’s viewpoint? What is the worst thing a borrower can do to dim its chances for a loan? Should you fear telling your lender bad news or be up front and tell it like it is?

What is the best way to make a good first impression on a lender? What is the fastest way to irritate a lender? Want to get inside your banker’s head and increase your chances for bank financing?

What is the top few criteria lenders look for when approving a loan? How should a line of credit be used? How does the quality of your loan package affect your chances of success?

Ever wonder what goes on inside the mind of your banker when considering lending to you? Are you doing things right to get bank financing or are you committing common mistakes that sink your chances of getting a loan? See yourself from the eyes of a lender and learn the steps to take to make you an ideal borrower.

In this video, Robert Band, Business Finance Consultant, interviews a renowned banker and reveals the lender’s side of the curtain, giving you valuable insight you need to obtain bank financing. Watch how to impress your banker here.

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