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Your Food or Your Life?

Remember the robber in the movies who pointed his gun at his victim and said, “Your money or your life”?  Of course, you’d give up the money.  But what if your doctor pointed their stethoscope at you and said, “Your food or your life”?  Would you exchange some foods for your life?  Learn how I did that and the dramatic results that followed.  

In this important and enlightening conversation with me and a lifestyle medicine expert, you’ll learn things you’ve never heard before and be motivated to lead your family and employees to better choices and more money in your pockets.

As a leader, you can have a lifelong impact on your employees and make a ton more money in so doing.  This video will motivate you to prevent disease and model proper lifestyle choices for your family and employees. One small move on your part can ripple through your family and your employees’ families for generations.  You’ll feel better and your employees will receive a gift they’ll never forget.  Their psyches will have a lasting imprint of you for all you’ve done for them.

My guest today is Dr. Neil Cooper of Atlanta, Georgia.  After suffering a heart attack at 58, he made changes in his lifestyle behaviors and changed his focus as a medical doctor away from drugs and invasive procedures to curing diseases by addressing the root causes of the diseases themselves.  He became certified in lifestyle medicine, which is an exciting new type of medical practice that focuses on lifestyle behaviors such as diet, exercise, sleep, and stress to cure diseases rather than prescribing drugs and doing invasive procedures which don’t get at the root causes.

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Robert Band

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