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Your Data’s Gone. You’ve Been Hacked. Now What?

All individuals and businesses are targets of hackers, not just large companies.  Do you and your employees know how not to be duped into phishing scams?  Do you have a private VPN to protect your devices in public WIFI networks? Cyber security must be a front burner issue for you.

Think your business is too small to command a hacker’s time?  Think again.  Hackers don’t discriminate.  They use automation to search for openings and you could be next.  Do you have multiple layers of protections, such as a firewall and antivirus software? Do you know how ransomware and malware can put you out of business?

Get your data house in order.  Learn how hackers get data, what data they want, how they make money with it and how to protect yourself, this video is for you.

Watch here.

To help you build a winning accounting department, I created a free guide called Accounting Job Descriptions with Titles, Duties and Salaries.  Use it in your job ads and recruiting.  You can download it here:

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This is Robert Band, your business finance expert, helping business owners with 1-100 employees turn profits today into fortunes tomorrow. Stop making payroll and start making money.

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