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Robert Band has an impressive record of success as a CPA (audit and tax), CFO, entrepreneur and insurance broker.


As a result of his efforts, his clients have enjoyed top performing finance teams that deliver timely data and actionable insights. He is a trusted partner to CEO’s, lenders and investors who rely on his word and reporting. His vast experience securing debt and equity and creatively working through tough situations have enabled clients to continue growing.


In addition, Robert is a licensed insurance broker, specializing in covering real estate developers and syndicators. He has saved clients millions of dollars using a more modern and strategic process than they ever had before.

Robert Band


Rivergate Companies

When I left a partnership to start my own company, I took a large multifamily and self-storage portfolio with me. I reached out to Robert to urgently stand up an accounting department for me. I needed reporting, budgets, compliance, and the works. He designed a phenomenal financial reporting package that pleased investors, lenders and property management clients. A year later, he helped me negotiate a merger of one of my businesses. He drafted the initial proposal, including post-merger integration plans, and advised me through completion of what became a very successful merger.

Jay Massirman



Prior to engaging CFO & CO, our accounting processes were lacking. They took our accounting, which is complex, to another level and helped me sleep better knowing it was rock solid. They found a great bookkeeper and accounting firm for us, implemented necessary accounting policies, made our books audit-ready, designed our KPI dashboard, and created a valuable cash flow projection model. They added so much value to our company and by guiding me, made me a better CEO.


​Jamie Rosenberg


Nopetra Energy

After consulting with Robert regarding our accounting department’s processes and organization, he helped us think through restructuring key functions, while enhancing controls and productivity. His broad experience and contacts have and continue to provide us with tremendous value, and he genuinely cares about our company’s success. I highly recommend him.

Jorge Herrera


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