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How I Reinvented At 60

Last September I turned 60 with two things on my mind.  I would be an empty nester in a year at which time I’d want to explore cities beyond Miami where I’ve lived my whole life.  I wanted to be able to live anywhere for however long I desired. Secondly, I wanted to help more business owners make their accounting and financial problems go away. My business model at that time was locally based and only allowed me to help 4-5 companies at a time.  

Starting a few years earlier, I had begun noodling on how to reengineer my business so I could accomplish these two goals.  I also began visiting cities such as Austin, St. Pete, Sarasota, Atlanta, Nashville, Charlotte, Denver, LA and San Diego to see which, if any, I’d want to live in.

Well it’s now one year later and I’m an empty nester. Over the past year, I created my brand, Robert Band Business Finance Expert and am creating content to edutain you with interesting business and personal stories that inform and inspire you. I also began a professional speaking business. In my new business model, as a consultant, I’ve helped more business leaders fix their accounting and financial practices, which doubled or tripled their earnings and let them sleep better.

I don’t know where my kids will land after college in a few years so why not take this time to soak up the vibe and people of great cities across America?

So, on October 12, I’ll be embarking on this new journey, heading west to live in Denver.  Why Denver?  I’m not a lifelong skier or hiker so it’s not for those two things.  And I’ve never endured a cold winter so it’s not to experience that either. Nor is it because cannabis is legal.

It just impressed me as a forward-looking city that is environmentally and health conscious.  Their rail system and Cherry Creek bike/running/walking path impressed me.  It’s walkable, has great neighborhoods, mountains and friendly people.  On a 3-day trip there in June, one stranger I met invited me to an art exhibition at the governor’s mansion.  I attended and ended up meeting the governor. Pretty cool huh?

On my drive from Miami to Denver, I’ll stop and soak up towns I’ve never visited.  I’ll go through Gainesville and Atlanta and then west through Alabama, Mississippi, Arkansas, Kansas City and onto Denver.   I’ll still be spending a lot of time in Miami with my family, friends and clients.

Now, is this easy?  No!  But it’s necessary if I want to live the life I want to live. New boundaries make room for new experiences, new clients, and new people. So, stay tuned.  I’ll be posting updates along this new journey and I hope you’ll come along with me.  

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This is Robert Band, your business finance expert, helping business owners make their accounting and financial problems go away. Remember, one tip could be worth millions and profits today become fortunes tomorrow.

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