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Branding Lessons from Bruce Turkel, Renowned Ad Man, Author and Hall of Fame Speaker

How do advertisers get us to buy?  By making us feel good about ourselves when using their product. How can you put yourself into the minds of your customers to figure out what it is about using your product that makes them feel good about themselves? In this interview, Bruce Turkel, acclaimed ad man and branding expert, reveals his keys to branding and business, including one three letter word at the heart of it all.

Bruce is a fascinating person who built a successful ad agency, then changed course and became a hall of fame speaker.  He’s authored numerous books, plays harmonica and trumpet in a Miami band, is a boater, voracious reader, runner, artist and raconteur. There’s simply nothing he doesn’t do.

Get up close and personal with Bruce in this video and learn from his experience.

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