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Are You Happy With Your Sales? Finance Expert Interviews Sales Consultant

Updated: Apr 10, 2023

Are you happy with your sales? Are you good at hiring salespeople and then managing and retaining them? Do you give your salespeople ongoing training and continually develop their sales skills, which they need and desire? Is it fun and interactive? Are you expert enough at sales management techniques to manage your sales department? Do your salespeople think you’re expert enough in sales management to train and guide their sales practices?

Do you think hiring a seasoned sales rep is a set-it-and-forget-it proposition? Do you have high turnover with your salespeople? Do you have great interview questions to use when hiring salespeople? Do you have a clear onboarding and training process and metrics to give your new salespeople a fighting chance for success? Does your sales training give sales reps defined next steps? Few businesses have these.

Do your salespeople run a good first prospect meeting? Do you have a step by step process for them to do discovery, vet good prospects, conduct good first prospect meetings, track key sales performance metrics and properly use a CRM to manage their sales funnel? Do you know your sales metrics cold? Your closing rate? Do you have good accountability measures for your salespeople? Do you affect your salespeople’s performance with one on one training and feedback sessions, sales development meetings, and field rides?

If you’re not happy with your sales, learn from a top sales consultant in this revealing interview with Robert Band, business finance expert. Watch here.

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