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A 1,900-unit multifamily operator was launching their first ever syndication fund to raise $150M. We helped write the offering memorandum, coordinated the work of outside accountants and lawyers, worked through the due diligence checklist and organized the data room for easy access to required documents. We made their books audit ready. Finally, we attended meetings with investors, answered questions and helped structure the final deal.

A commercial real estate company with Florida properties was suffering runaway insurance costs. They had individual policies renewing in hurricane season and throughout the year. Their insurance practices exposed them to high premiums. We implemented a structure to control costs and generate data analytics about their properties. That led to two carriers quoting a master policy with blanket limits, expiring May 1 (before hurricane season). After adding flood coverage which they never had before, the winning quote cut premiums by 37%.


A large office developer received a letter from its largest tenant (100,000 sf) stating they had audited our CAM passthrough calculation and were due $160,000. We pulled the lease file which was 8” tall from 20 years of renewals and addendums. When we ran our numbers, we found that the tenant owed our client $100,000. The cause of the discrepancy was that the written formula in the lease was poorly written and subject to interpretation. It’s best to have accountants create the language and a sample computation of numerical formulas that will appear in legal agreements. That's because the accountants will be using those formulas and their language will be exact and prevent disputes. Happily, our client brought the tenant to the table and negotiated a 10-year extension and expunged their respective claims for CAM charge adjustments. We created the language and sample computation for the lease extension. 


The CEO of a real estate company was tired of running his company without financial information and knew he needed to fix his accounting department.  He had a junior bookkeeper who entered transactions in the books and an outside CPA who closed the books.  The problem was that the CPA hadn’t closed the books in months and was then in tax season with no time to complete the year end clean up. We hired a senior accountant to clean up his books at a bill rate much less than his CPA’s.  We designed a financial model that revealed opportunities for profit improvement and made what-if budgeting scenarios easy. We also introduced him to a new CPA to improve his taxes. So now he has the right accounting team and can make informed decisions, save more in taxes and be more profitable.

An entrepreneur had made a fortune over 20 years in business, but her industry had recently declined and she started burning cash, so much so that in 1 ½ years, she put $1 million back into her company, a lot of which was drawn from her IRA, which cost her taxes and penalties.  We analyzed her financial statements and posed a lot of questions which made her think through many issues.  It became clear to her what needed to be done to return to profitability. She was so emotionally invested in her company, its name and employees that without an objective CFO to make her see the reality of her situation, she might have lost much of her wealth. With the information we provided, she was able to shed unprofitable products and return to previously healthy margins. When she wanted to sell, we helped her negotiate the term sheet and sail through the buyer's due diligence. She is now happily retired.

An $8 million technology company had a controller who was behind in implementing a new software while running day-to-day accounting.  The cost of the software license and delayed implementation were costing the company dearly.  To find the root cause of the problem, we evaluated their staff and processes and concluded that the controller wasn’t going to finish the implementation on top of his regular duties.  We hired a proven software consultant who completed the implementation on time and on budget. Now the company is getting its money’s worth of reports tailored to its business in a way they never have before, and their closing process is much more efficient as a result.

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